Cynthia Tang

Manager of Materials and Logistics

Cynthia Tang joined Polaris team in 2009. She serves as scheduler, manager of materials and logistics and ISO coordinator for Polaris. Cynthia earned her B.A in English from Renmin University in China and a master certificate of Procurement and Contract Management from University of Maryland. She is certified CPIM with APICS. With her Chinese background, she brings in invaluable input and experience to Polaris’ supply chain management. If you have a sport injury a orthopedic surgeon can help you to recover quickly.  If you want to keep the trees of you property looking beautiful what you need is tree trimming and pruning.


Polaris strives to exceed customer’s expectation in terms of engineering, quality and service. We proactively anticipate customers’ needs, listen carefully what customers say and want, and never stop providing un-paralleled service.

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