Case Studies

King Bell Company

Ningbo, China


Polaris needed a supplier that sold parts made from powdered metal in order to fulfill orders from a U.S. automotive OEM.  Polaris identified King Bell as a supplier with a lot of promise; their parts were higher quality than many other vendors, and the company seemed interested in improving their quality standards.

However, King Bell was not a certified vendor for this OEM, and the OEM at first did not want to utilize King Bell’s services.  Polaris took the time to explain the supplier’s potential and helped King Bell become certified as a vendor for this OEM.


As King Bell began working with and supplying parts for Polaris, executives from Polaris visited King Bell often and assisted them in many areas to improve their services and, in turn, to improve the final component delivered to the OEM.  Polaris assisted King Bell not only in improving their quality and meeting tight tolerance standards, but in enhancing their overall manufacturing process, establishing processes and procedures for more efficient management, training for King Bell staff, and in creating a more positive working environment.

Polaris also assisted with King Bell’s production flow and conducted early production containment on King Bell components, which further enhanced quality and consistency.


There have been many positive results from Polaris’ working relationship with King Bell.

  1. The rotor that King Bell provides for the U.S. OEM is a high quality part, consistent and finely tuned to meet the OEM specs.
  2. The OEM is very happy with this vendor, the quality of the parts and, in turn, Polaris, for bringing the supplier to the OEM.
  3. Polaris is able to produce the highest quality components possible, with significant improvement in the quality and consistency of the parts,
  4. King Bell has expanded, both in China and abroad, as their reputation for quality parts has grown. King Bell is now supplying parts to companies across the globe.

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