About Us

Located in Carmel, Indiana, Polaris Rare Earth Materials, LLC is a world-class provider of rare earth materials and permanent magnets to companies throughout the United States, South America, Mexico and Europe. Through our state-of-the-art facility in Ningbo, China, we also manufacture magnet sub-assemblies and custom components, including specialty springs, screw machine and wound copper coil assemblies.


Our Team

Our team has a depth of expertise and experience seldom found in the industry today. In fact, one of our engineers was the first person to go to China years ago on behalf of a major US automotive OEM to look for rare earth materials.  That sets Polaris apart, because our experts understand the complexities of the rare earths industry and the ways in which these materials can be engineered to meet the demands of many high-tech environments and applications.

Our Quality Control Standards

Eighty percent of the world’s supply of rare earths is found in China. At Polaris, we’re also very aware of the importance of tapping into top-quality and dependable resources overseas. Unlike many other providers, we regularly visit our suppliers onsite, conducting audits and inspections to ensure ongoing quality control. In general, members of our senior staff spend half the year in China and half in the U.S.  Ours is a very hands-on, customer-oriented approach to ensure quality materials and superior service.

Our Environmental Commitment

And, finally, Polaris Rare Earth Materials is committed to environmental responsibility in all our business dealings. We want to help protect our environment, so we ensure that all our suppliers carry out production of rare earths in accordance with strict ISO standards.

The core of Polaris’ message is that we go to the ends of the earth to deliver the materials and products you need.

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