Polaris Rare Earth Materials, LLC is a global provider of rare earth materials and permanent magnets. We have developed excellent sources in China to supply these rare earth materials.

The rare earth materials and products we deliver are transforming everyday lives through a wide range of practical product applications in the automotive, consumer electronics, technology and industrial arenas. Rare earth elements are used in petroleum refining, glass polishing, lighting, computer screens, high-energy magnets, ceramics, disk drives, CD players, jet engines—the list is almost endless. These elements have become critical components in many applications, as the continued use of engineered materials has grown exponentially.

In addition, Polaris is a manufacturer of magnet assemblies, sub-assemblies, and a variety of custom components. We maintain a strategic relationship with Ningbo NorthStar, where we manufacture magnet assemblies and sub-assemblies to tight OEM specifications and tolerances.

With carefully monitored and dependable suppliers, Polaris provides quality materials, magnet assembly, component manufacturing and value-added services to customers throughout the world. When it comes to rare earth materials… Polaris is in its element.

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