Permanent Magnets

Polaris offers a wide range of NdFeB, Samarium Cobalt and Ferrite permanent magnets—sintered, bonded and hybrid—to companies throughout the U.S., South America, Mexico and Europe that represent dozens of industries and applications. These rare earth magnets have an almost infinite range of product applications—from cell phones and automobiles to oil field exploration, consumer electronics, magnetic imaging, small motors and magnetic filtering.

Most of our suppliers are in the element-rich region of China. We carefully screen our sources during our initial and regular onsite visits to ensure the highest level of quality control. At Polaris, we take the requirements for the permanent magnets you need, have them manufactured to your specifications, ship, and deliver them on time and within budget. We can even warehouse them until you need them, delivering what you need, when you need it.

Polaris is a global provider of high-energy permanent magnets, including:

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