In 1998, Mitchell Spencer began a three-year assignment in China to oversee the design and construction of an NdFeB rare earth magnet manufacturing facility. He was exposed to the strengths and weaknesses of the Chinese rare earths industry on a daily basis—and the vision for Polaris was born. Mitch recognized the need for U.S. companies requiring rare earths to have a trusted resource, working with suppliers in China to ensure their needs were being met and customers were receiving high-quality products.

Polaris Rare Earth Materials was founded in 2001 by a group of industry experts who shared this vision of providing quality rare earth products and customer-focused service. Mitch Spencer became the company’s president at that time. Every member of the Polaris management team has previously worked with Magnequench and General Motors; each brings a wealth of practical experience and specific knowledge of rare earths, magnetic materials, and magnet technologies.

Polaris has grown and expanded in scope over the years.  Now, in addition to remaining a trusted provider of rare earth materials, the company provides magnets, custom components and magnet sub-assemblies through our strategic relationship with Ningbo NorthStar.  We continue to expand our services and our product lines to meet our customers’ needs.


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