The Polaris Advantage

When it comes to providing rare earth materials and high-energy permanent magnets, magnet assemblies, sub-assemblies and custom components, Polaris brings value-added services to the table that can give your company an advantage in the marketplace.

  1. Global Provider. We’ve scoured the globe for the best sources for rare earth materials, compounds and permanent magnets.
  2. Dependable Resources. Our suppliers are dependable; their processes are quality controlled and environmentally sound; and their business dealings are ethical. We make sure of that before we enter into contracts with them.
  3. Design and Development Capabilities. Polaris’ team has a strong background in materials, mechanical and electrical engineering. We are able to utilize our value-added engineering skills to ensure you get the optimal component for each specialized application.
  4. Sub-Assembly and Manufacturing Capabilities. Through our state-of-the-art facility in Ningbo, China, we also manufacture permanent magnet assemblies, sub-assemblies and custom components, including specialty springs, screw machine parts and wound copper coil assemblies. Our goal is to help our customers produce the best products by manufacturing the best sub-assemblies and custom components possible on our advanced production lines.
  5. Experience and Expertise. Most of the members of our team have at least one engineering degree; many have multiple degrees. Few companies have the depth of expertise and breadth of experience Polaris does. With decades of experience behind them, our experts understand the complexities of the rare earths industry, the physical nature of the materials themselves and the high-tech applications for which they can be used.
  6. Quality Control. Polaris has high quality control standards and we enforce them with regular onsite visits to our overseas suppliers. We have developed excellent sources in China for providing rare earth materials, as well as for the manufacturing of magnet sub-assemblies and custom components. All of our suppliers are ISO 9000/9001 certified.
  7. Customer Service. Responsive customer service is extremely important when dealing with overseas suppliers and manufacturers. Not only does Polaris ensure the highest level of quality in the products we deliver, we also provide responsive, responsible customer service. We view ourselves as a partner, an extension of your team, and our goal is to provide the seamless integration of our products with your processes.
  8. Warehousing and JIT Delivery. Polaris offers warehousing capabilities and Just-in-Time Delivery for all of our products.
  9. Training. Polaris conducts training classes and seminars regarding rare earth materials and magnetism. Topics can be customized to meet you educational needs.

Rare earth materials and high-energy magnets are critical elements in a host of industries and applications, including the transportation, consumer electronics and technology arenas. At Polaris, we not only provide these products, we offer value-added services that can positively affect your company’s productivity, efficiency and bottom-line profits. Call us today and experience … the Polaris Advantage.

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