Training in the USA

Polaris is often approached to conduct training classes and seminars regarding rare earth materials and magnetism. Generally, these seminars are held onsite and last from ½-day sessions to full day. They include such topics as:

  • An overview of Rare Earth Materials
  • History of Magnets
  • Magnet Materials
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Magnet Applications
  • Magnetization, Saturation, Alignment, Self-demagnetization and Multi-pole Magnetization

If you are interested in having Polaris engineers train your personnel, please contact us. We can adjust the topics and syllabus to meet your needs.

Training in China

Another aspect of our training is the care and effort we take with our suppliers in China.  To ensure quality, we spend significant time at their facilities, monitoring quality, but also assisting them in enhancing their manufacturing processes, increasing efficiency, supporting management and emphasizing positive working environments.

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