Ningbo NorthStar Services provides sub-assembly, testing, and verification services.

Assemblies and Sub-assemblies – Assembling components involves a lot more than putting parts together.  It encompasses ensuring quality parts are delivered from the suppliers, assembling parts to extremely tight tolerances, testing parts for a wide range of specifications (link to quality testing page), and delivering quality parts to OEMs around the world on time, every time.


Verification and Delivery of Component Parts – When component parts are critical to the success of the end product, they often pass through Ningbo NorthStar, even if they require no assembly.  Why?  For verification of quality.  In the state-of-the-art lab, we conduct a wide range of diagnostic, verification and audit testing, including: dimensional testing, physical properties, material specs, magnet testing, coating and glue testing, corrosion tests, environmental testing and destructive analysis.  When OEMs have PolarisREM and Ningbo NorthStar verify their components, they can rest assured that their parts will meet the highest standards for quality and endurance.


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